I’m flipping over my FLIP!

Hello Mr. Postman!

This morning I got a buzz early and it was my mailman with 2 packages for me. I was totally excited because I saw one was from Amazon *when I tracked it last night, it said ETA was March 29th* and the other was quite large so I knew it was the bedding from Modern Nursery. The bedding looks great but they sent me the wrong color Uglydoll. Actually, it would be more trouble to send it back so we’ll just live with a pink/green Uglydoll.










Now that I have the Flip, we can spend the weekend building furniture *while we make a video* which will clear out the living room. Antz is going to put up the curtains and install the doorknob so I’m going to clean the floors today. He is coming home to have lunch with me so that’s nice. I called to make an appointment with our new pediatrician, Kristen Chapman, but I’m going to wait to schedule her until after my birthing classes in April. I am still bummed about the tax refund, I know it takes awhile and it’s only been a little over 2 weeks but I need it now so I can get the garage roof fixed, order the rest of her furniture and her clothes. All I do is hurry up and wait! I am so impatient ๐Ÿ™

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