Nursery Progress *hint still very much in progress*

This evening Antz put up the curtain rod and the curtains. Back in February, his Mom hemmed the bottom of the curtains because they were way too long, we totally measured them to stop just at the baseboard. When she finished sewing them we held them up to the window and they seemed fine but now that Antz has the rod in place they still hit the floor. He had to move the position of the rod higher since they are so long. I wonder what happened with our measurements? Oh well, we can live with it. He said he wanted to show more of the window molding and when the curtains are closed they look hidden.

We still need to wash the outside windows and clean the floors but I am so happy with the curtains and the contrast of color.
Antz started working on the games for the shower and I LOVE how they came out. He is such a freaking genius. So creative and cohesive.

He’s working on an adorable custom font for the invitation addresses. I am so mega stoked!!

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