Olivia has a little lamb

So this morning we finished building the hutch and the changing pad. Taadah!

Both were fairly simple to build. Antz put his office back in the room and filled out the shelves.

I am so happy with how everything looks but we have a few items that we can’t figure out where to put. Antz has a Radiohead poster and his artwork that I want to incorporate into the room but he thinks it would look too crowded.

After getting rid of the mountain of cardboard boxes from the living room and putting away the tools we got dressed and went to Pottery Barn Kids and Anthropologie. We got her changing pad cover and an adorable lamb hooded towel. At Anthropologie we bought knobs for her hutch and for my printer stand.

Antz attached this knob to the side of the hutch to hold her hooded towel.

Finally put her clothes in the closet, we still didn’t wash them *I am too scared I’ll ruin her beautiful clothes*.

I have had too many mishaps doing laundry. Antz and my Mom are voting don’t wash them in case we have to make any returns. Since most of the clothes are 6-12 months, we have time to reconsider. Baby Gap is launching a new Stella McCartney line so I need to exchange the stuff Aimee bought and grab a few dresses and shoes next week. I am also on the lookout for this top I saw in InTouch magazine. Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor is wearing a mini Bjork swan dress!! I must find it!!

We went to lunch at PF Changs and I used my birthday present gift card from my friends Tom & Jess. OMG! I ate myself dizzy. I totally pigged out. I’m glad we went there because I spoke with the manager and made an appt. to see him about the catering for the shower. I have a volunteer *Antz sister Debra* who can pick up the food on the day but I don’t see how she can manage all that food and the parking is underground 2 levels.

Afterwards we went to Target to pick up and few things and I decided to buy her first pack of diapers.

I hope these are the right fit. So today I lost all will power and ordered the glider, bassinet and mattress early. I should wait until Monday but what the hell! So now I’ll be playing the waiting game for the next 2 weeks. Now I am seriously tired and Antz is working on the mobile. We are having dinner with his sister on Wednesday so she may come by and take a peek at the nursery. I need to figure out a way  to photograph the room because I can’t figure out how to get the ceiling and the floor in one shot.

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