Nursery Progress Vol. 2 *Movin’ right along*

What a different a day makes. Last night I was so impressed with Antz for putting up the curtains. It felt so official like this room now belongs to Olivia. Well today, we have outdone ourselves.  Story came by with Spuzz and brought us Chipotle for lunch *yum* and hung out for a couple of hours. We ate in the backyard and it was really lovely. I contributed in a minuscule way but I did wash the windows and assisted Antz with crib building. We made a video of it but it really needs to be edited, I had a serious case of the yawns and Antz kept forgetting about the camera and put his butt in the frame too many times. Until he works his magic on the video, enjoy these kick-ass pics!!

Ikea Expedit Shelf  *I helped build this with Story & Antz*

Don’t those windows like bright and squeaky clean??

Junco Doorknob from Anthropologie

It’s been neverending drama with this doorknob. At first we thought it was too long and now it’s too small. Antz went to Home Depot to try to find some solutions to get it on but nothing seemed to work. He finally got it on and that’s just fine with me. I love how the bird has our color palette and coordinates with the bird curtain rod.

This side of the room is what I refer to as Antz office. The shelf will hold his books, toys and maybe some frames. We still need a home for her frog humidifier so that may go on the top shelf. We washed and swiftered the floor several times but it needs professional refinishing. Maybe next year. My sweetness worked so hard building the furniture.

I am so proud of our progress, the room is really coming together just as I envisioned. There is still so much to finish. Tomorrow we’ll build the hutch and changing table pad. I need to order the mattress, glider, bassinet and tazi pouf. Today was the last day of a Gap Maternity sale so I made an order of some basics and got some badly needed undies. Oh and today I started packing for the hospital and I was nerding out while packing Olivia’s clothes because they are so small and adorable. I packed about 10 outfits for her.

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