Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Well last night we dropped by Antz Mom’s house since his aunt and cousin were in town from Mexico. I hadn’t seen my cousin Aleida for years. We hung out for a few hours showing each other pictures. Since we knew they were in town and the mail to Mexico is super slow we printed their bebe shower invitation to hand deliver. Antz figured out how to double-side print and used his exacto knife to cut the paper. We were planning on having them printed at Kinkos but since it worked so well we can save $60 and Do It Ourselves. When we got back home we started printing the rest of the invites. We starting running out of ink when we called it a night. This morning Antz was asking me if the printer had a scanner, well on Target’s site, it’s advertised as having a photo scanner but on the printer, there is no scanner bed. We had to go buy ink anyway so we decided to exchange the printer for a better model. The one we got is an all-in-one wireless for only $10 more and bought 2 packages of extra ink. I like the new printer so much better, it’s easier to set-up, less bulky than the other one and makes happy noises when you print.

Our new *and improved* printer. So as we were coming back from Target I saw Fed Ex guy and he had our mattress!! Sweet! We put her bedding together and it looks so rad.

Antz used the Nikon to take these great shots of the nursery. He is getting to be an expert with his photography. All I need is the glider!!

Aren’t these pretty freakin sweet?! So we are back to printing baby shower stuff and maybe later we’ll go to Kinkos to have the quiz and bebe wishes paper cut since there are so many.

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