Hoppy Easter!

Last night we dropped by Story & Chris’s to check out their new front yard rock wall and entertainment center. They had been working on their house for the past month and everything looks amazing. I didn’t think the rock wall would be as nice as it turned out. Their next project is getting a hot tub and painting the exterior of their house. We went to my favorite pizza place, Round Table and watched the It’s Always Sunny Christmas Special. I took a pic of their cat Turbo and check out the demonness.

This morning we finished printing and addressing the bebe shower invites. I was so nervous my handwriting would look lame after all the practice envelopes I tried but Antz made a template for me to use and I think they came out pretty gnarly.

I am so excited for everyone to get them. I am hand delivering Gilli’s tomorrow so I can see what her reaction is. After we finished the invitations, Antz and I cleaned up the house since Story & Chris were coming by to peek at the nursery. They arrived around 4 and we decided to cook spaghetti dinner for everyone. Antz made homemade lemonade and we made a meatless sauce for Story *the veggie*. They really enjoyed it, Chris had seconds! 🙂

Our house feels a thousand times better with the new curtains in the living room. Antz cleared out all the tools and storage.

It’s supposed to rain tonight so Antz put almonium sulfate in the yard. I am hoping it helps the bald spots grow in.

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