We made it to the BIG TIME!!

I got my usual daily email from CasaSugar and what is the top featured story of the day? Our *Whimsical* nursery!!! Good Grief, if I knew it would be featured I would have used much better pics of us and the room. I am so proud of us! Seriously, we put so much work into that room and I love hearing positive feedback. I am so bummed my glider isn’t ready so the room would be complete. Antz needs to finish his painting so we can hang it.


So I got a buzz on the door and it’s Mr UPS with my new camera!! I ordered it Monday and it’s already here. Why can’t everything be like that. It’s mega cute, all the instructions are in Japanese but luckily there are pictures to depict what’s going on. I got 2 5pks of 10 film so that’s 100 pics.

Last night while Antz was printing the namecard stickers the printer ran out of black ink. Well he tried to use the ink we bought as backup and *lame* it’s the wrong size. It says 564 black but it has triangles on it and we need 564 black with a hexagon. Way to confuse us HP! So back to Target I go to exchange it. I needed to go there anyway because I finally came up with an idea on how to decorate the clothespins. I also need to buy Antz more exacto blades since all the cutting has dulled his. I’m going to look for a rug pad too for the rug in the nursery, it’s pretty slippery in there. I can’t stop smiling about our Lil Sugar feature. My friend Mia was featured on there a few months ago for her baby’s *gorgeous* nursery and I was thinking she is so stellar! I suppose we belong in the Stellar Club too now. Once the room is done I am hoping we get featured on Ohdeedoh. That would be MAJOR!

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