Welcome back insomnia :(

I suppose it’s my own fault because I went to bed around 9pm. Hopefully I’ll wake up at a decent time because we are going to visit Antz nephew and have brunch. Antz worked hard on the house yesterday. He fixed a broken piece of cement on our backyard stairs, painted the stair railings and finished the moustaches. I had to run errands because I ran out of felt for the celeb baby game. I picked up some rocks to weigh down the feather vases.

I went to Michaels and Staples to look for the pencils but I couldn’t find any in white. I finally settled on some yellow ones from Swains

I could’ve bought some online but I just wanted to buy them and get it over with. Antz said they are fine because it matches our palette. I went to World Market and bought a candle holder and some pumpkin scented candles for the fireplace. I still have to buy the fireplace screen but I am waiting until May 4th. I finally finished the celeb board but I am not satisfied with how it came out. Antz thinks it looks fine but it looks totally homemade *not in a good etsy-way* I still need to pin them down.

He still has to cut out the player cards and add the pencils to the bebe wishes cards. The garage repair is on hold until Monday because the building inspector has to come by and take a look before they can continue. It may rain this weekend, boo!

We haven’t worked on the grass yet but we measured the yard to see the table placement, it feels tight but everything should fit. I still don’t have a table for gifts or the caricaturist yet. I may borrow one from my Mom-in-law.
I found a christening set online but I’m going to downtown LA to pick it up, it’s ok but I don’t like the rosary it comes with.

I am ordering this one online.

After brunch we are going thrifting to look for the frame for the menu chalkboard. Next week is pretty exciting because we are starting our hospital prenatal classes and Friday is our pregnancy photo shoot.

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