Whew, what a great Sunday

We did wake up before 9am this morning. My Mom stopped by on her way to her house in the desert to order our baby shower gift.

I was thinking about getting this cover for the car seat but I’m not sure it will fit.

We went to Antz nephew’s *Dion & Evelyn* apartment to see it.

They have a 1920’s apartment with one of those old creepy elevators. Dion & Evelyn are newlyweds and in February they are joining the PeaceCorps. They are being assigned to South America. I am mega excited for them!! His brother Cayce, and his wife met us at the apt and we all went to brunch at this place Dion loves. He knows the owner so we got a private room all to ourselves. The place was really nice on Melrose and the food was AMAZING!

Enjoying my strawberry and brown sugar crepe. After brunch we went to the Grove and walked around. We went to Nordstrom and I looked at the Ugg Boo in chestnut. I would rather get the Erin’s in blue so my only choice is ordering them online.

It was a pretty day today and we strolled around the farmers market and had ice cream.

I had Dion & Evelyn take a pic with the travel angel.

When I was 18, I wanted to join the PeaceCorps and I applied but when I was assigned to 2 months of training in Arizona, I backed out. If circumstances were different I would totally join and travel the world on the government’s dime. I am so happy Dion & Evelyn can experience that together. They are really a remarkable couple. I hope we have the chance to visit them in the next 2 years. We drove to the thrift shops in Pasadena but of course they were closed. 🙁 I’m pretty tired but I should finish the celeb baby game and clean the kitchen.

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