Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition

Los Angeles has decided to actually have cold weather so we’ve been spending more time nestling under the covers in our bedroom. The bad news is our Ikea Malm queen bed has gone kaput. The frame is broken and our mattress is quite uncomfortable. I’ll confess, when we moved in 5 years ago I cheaped out on our mattress.

It has a pillowtop but I love feather beds. In fact I love them so much I have 2 on our bed. We had one that was amazing for about 3 weeks, then it flattened out and never recovered. Then last Christmas Antz’s sister Debra gave us another incredible featherbed *much heavier than our old one so I threw it on the bed too. It was about 6 weeks of sheer heaven  until that guy no longer felt comfy. I have beaten the feathers and tried my best to keep up with fluffing the featherbeds but at this point they are pretty flat. Then there’s our duvet cover…

Red paisley in 2007 *ick, red is my least favorite color* but Antz liked the contrast with the wall color. The bedding has been retired since the cover isn’t as soft as I like and the red sheets that have mysteriously gone missing.


Last year we scored this London of Libery for Target set *orginally purchased for my hospital bedding* yet I am bored with paisley. Hi Lola!


I bought this comforter from Urban Outfitters this year which I do like, but I’m not in love with it. I like the vintage feel *my Mom had bedding similar to this in the 70s* but I think the green is too matchy-matchy with the wall color. Also it’s a queen comforter and we *large people* need a king size.

So now I am trying to find the next perfect duvet cover and of course this beauty from Anthropologie is the frontrunner.

I think the colorful palette will give our bedroom a new life. I also adore the thickness and softness of Anthropologie’s bedding *nice quality* The best part is it’s on sale and available in stores! No brainer right? Well, it would be if I didn’t already fall in love with this zigzag rug.

I know the colorful duvet would compete with the graphic rug. Grrr! Just when I think I found the deal of the century. This rug is 5  x 7 and is only $80.99 at Overstock. Antz feels that the white may be an issue in the room but we just may have to invest in a vacuum cleaner *after not owning one for 6 years*

Then there’s our bedside table. Antz has been given the task of finding me a lovely table with a drawer *Olivia is notorious for hiding our remotes and phones* from a thrift store and then renovating it in his magical fashion. He almost found one last month but sadly it was already sold for $15!!

It would have been perfect, right size, good storage and I would have put this knob on it.


We used to have a Michael Graves table lamp in the bedroom but it was broken from my clumsiness and the mid century modern style did not live well with our dark wood decor. Ideally I want this guy soooo bad!

It’s adorable and fits the Parisian shabby chic style I like. Big problem is the price and I am notorious with knocking over things so I am positive I would break such a delicate lamp. This owl lamp is more study and masculine *I gotta remember a boy lives there too* The lamp was on sale but I’m sure it will go down in price on Black Friday.

I found this alarm clock iphone dock at Urban but the $48 price needs to go on sale before I get it.

My one splurge is this Jonathan Adler ceramic vase *it’s two-sided, not a pair*. It’s super cute and perfect for a bouquet of pink peonies.


I’m holding off until After-Thanksgiving before I make any purchases but I’m worried about items selling out. I’m trying to keep the budget under $1500 for a new mattress, DIY Fabric headboard, new queen bed frame, side table, bedding, rug, lamp, accessories and possibly curtains *we are so over those boring natural curtains*. We are hoping to finish the room by December, fingers crossed!

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