Last weekend before the chaos begins

This weekend is officially the last weekend we have to fuck around and do whatever we wish at our leisure. I STILL haven’t finished the celeb baby match game *I need to pin the photos to the foam board*. Our list for things-to-do for the shower is shrinking but the worst part is waiting for the rsvps to trickle in so we can print the name stickers for the takeout boxes. I haven’t found a table for the caricaturist but hopefully I can borrow a table from Antz Mom tomorrow which means I need to buy a black linen for it. Today I took back my Sam Edelman sandals at Nordstrom. I didn’t find anything to replace them with so I will either wear my Steve Madden gladiators or my black flip flops *most comfortable option*

We browsed around the mall, I tried to get Antz to try a pair of Tom’s shoes but he wasn’t int to them. He did like this awesome Fedora.

We went to Build-a-Bear and looked at infant clothes but I was too tired to walk around. We went to West LA to look at Thrift shops. We found a great one on Fairfax *in Little Ethopia* that had a ton of huge frames with the look we are searching for but the prices were pretty steep. The one we liked most was $95 but the owner was willing to negotiate. We really didn’t want to pay more than $25 for a frame and we have looked for long enough. I decided to use a frame we already had *we were about to donate it to Goodwill* although it’s not at all ornate, Antz could use clay and make it pretty. We went to Home Depot to look for supplies for repairing the crown molding in the living room, the chalkboard paint and the pink spray paint. We are trying to figure out the best option to make the fireplace look better, the tile is loose and the grout and cement are cracked.

The biggest problem is anything Antz does can’t be permanent because our house still moves from the foundation problem so if he cements anything in place it will crack. He may use a flat piece of wood to cover the exisiting tiles and level the hearth and grout new tile to the wood. Not sure how much time and money we want to put into this project but I do want to buy the fireplace screen from Bed, Bath & Beyond tomorrow.

We are going to pick up Antz Mom tomorrow to sneak peek the nursery and have spaghetti *I’m cooking*. She’s also going to tailor my shower dress but I haven’t found the right thread to match.

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