Sunset Blvd. for a Sunday night

OMG William Holden is super cute! Antz and I are watching Sunset Blvd. *such a great classic* and trying to relax from a busy weekend. Today we didn’t do as much as I hoped; we finished decorating the scrapbook and we did go to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Antz sister ordered our fireplace screen online and got us 20% discount and free expedited shipping. We also bought an umbrella for the backyard. This was totally an unplanned purchase but it was $79 and we got 20% off so I had to get it for the shower. We already have an umbrella but it’s the kind that goes through a hole in a table and since we’re renting the round table with no hole I was bummed that there would be no shade for the *older peeps table*. The umbrella we bought today is the kind where the umbrella stand cantilevers to the left. The umbrella is 9ft so that will cover the table completely.

We also mentioned to Clinnie *Antz sister* that we were using a boring frame for our menu and she had a bright idea to use a rubber door mat instead. We bought it using her discount and figured out a way to make it look like the one I want for only $20! Antz will work his DIY-magic this week.

So surprisingly, I just got an rsvp from 2 of my friends from my old job who I thought wouldn’t be able to make it. I am happy they are coming but it really messes up my seating chart. 🙁

My ridiculous rendering of the backyard and seating chart *lol*!! The backyard looks huge but it is nowhere near to scale so it will be a tight fit. The worst part is I will have no idea if everything will even fit until the Friday before when the tables and chairs are delivered. I am also concerned about the tight fit of the food and dessert/drink table for all the guests to line up on the patio. The orange tree is really bigger than I drew and Antz keeps telling me the only solution is to trim the tree but there are 3 bird’s nests in that tree and it breaks my heart to evict any of our birdies 🙁

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