Garage repair take 2…?

We had our meeting with David, it went ok. I am not 100% convinced that our worries are over but at least there is a plan to move forward. I still feel stressed but I have a little more faith in having it done before the shower. The city is requiring us to build a *fire wall* on the side of the garage roof. David said we have to pay for the materials which will be stucco *lame*. The crew worked inside the garage all day and will be in there again tomorrow. They should start the posts on Saturday and the city inspector should be here again on Monday. Once he gets an approval stamp they can go into overdrive. He is now anticipating the completion date will be Monday May 10th. I have heard this so many times I’ll believe it when it happens. So another day filled with drama in the soap opera of our house. The fireplace screen was delivered today. The stupid UPS guy again didn’t ring my buzzer but the gate was open today from the workers so he just left it on the porch. I am a wee bit bummed that the screen is smaller than the one we had before.

Antz still needs to cement the loose tile and scrub the brick. I need to figure out a DIY-project for the mantel. We have the new Mod frames but I want them to be displayed outside. Actually after a convo with Antz, it’s better to put the frames on the mantel. We are using one of the *amazing spray painted* frames for the gift table and the dessert table.

Hopefully this will give the guests a little hint to use their moustaches. Antz put up our new wreath so I can see how it looks on our red door. Pretty swank!

We measured the backyard and it *appears* everything will fit but I’ll only know when the tables are delivered the day before the shower *eep* Today Antz got the last of our friends rsvp, our friend’s Dave & Sam. Now there are 11 more people who haven’t rsvped, so I have to call them on Saturday *grrr*. Tonight Antz is going to print some of our maternity photos.

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