Friday is cupcake day!

Today *well yesterday because it’s 2am now* I met Aimee and we went to Sprinkles. For the first time ever we went and there was no line outside. I was also shocked that we were able to get a free cupcake because I follow Sprinkles on twitter and they have a secret word of the day for the first 50 customers so by whispering Ceylan Cinnamon we got free Coco Loco cupcakes.

Since I hadn’t eaten we went next door for lunch at La Salsa. Bad idea, I knew there was a reason I hardly ever eat there, my lunch was horrible 🙁
By the time I dropped Aimee off in Venice it was already 4pm, I stopped at the grocery store in Culver City and by the time I even got close to home it was almost 6pm! LA traffic on a Friday is ridiculous. I had to stop at the house to drop off the groceries and Antz came home at 6:20. We somehow rushed to Huntington for the Infant Care class and were only 10 minutes late. We almost flaked on the class because we were both exhausted and didn’t think we would make it through the 3 hour class but we hung in there. After class we went to In & Out and didn’t get home till 11. I was so tired I fell asleep right after eating. I somehow woke up an hour ago so I had to crank this out. The crew worked inside the garage all day. David is supposed to come by tomorrow with the iron guy to work on the posts. It seems that everything is moving right along but Monday we have an inspection so I’ll have to rub a rabbits foot that everything passes. Antz brought home the posters and tomorrow we are going to Aaron Bros to buy foam board and spray glue. Antz has a long list to projects to work on tomorrow but I can’t think of anything I could help with because its all physical labor.

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