My husband is my hero!

I can not put into words how amazing my husband is. He is like the Energizer bunny, he never stops. Even beyond all the physical work he does, he is incredibly supportive. He has been breaking his back working on our house to be ready for the shower. He worked all weekend on fixing the cracked crown molding

the popcorn ceiling gives me chills, so yucky

Re-tiling the fireplace hearth and he is exhausted. He then wakes up at 7am this morning to paint. He even said to me that going to work is his *time off*. AWW!! I feel like he is taking on too much but he said he’s fine and he wants the house to look awesome. I haven’t done anything for the shower because I am impatiently waiting to get the final rsvps so I can place the rentals, catering and cupcake orders. I need to wash the curtains in the kitchen but they are hanging from a wire that Antz has to figure out how to take apart with tools. I could clean here and there but with all the work Antz is doing with the fireplace and the things we are storing from the garage it doesn’t make a difference.

You can see our living room is now a warehouse.

He keeps trying to convince me that my biggest job is relaxing and taking care of our baby but I feel like I could do more. I really should have had the shower a month ago, it’s so much work for us *mostly Antz* and with only 2 weeks until my due date we need to be as relaxed and rested as we can. Tomorrow is breastfeeding class and I feel really unprepared because we haven’t bought a breast pump or any bottles yet. I did register for this Medela set but I doubt anyone will get it for me.

Medula breast pump

On a bummer note, this morning there’s no crew working. We are waiting *always waiting* for the iron rods to be delivered today so I hope they will be here by the time I come home from acupuncture. We can’t afford to lose a day of work 🙁

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