Boobyfeeding class, gasp!

Boo, no work done yesterday! Nothing sucks more than a wasted work day. According to David, he was trying to get the permit yesterday and waiting for the iron. Actually, we were lagging on our list of things-to-do as well. Antz picked me up right away to go to Breastfeeding Basics class. It was super informative but makes me totally nervous. The lacation consultant charges $100 per hour *gasp*!

We thought the breastfeeding class was shorter than it was *it ran over 3 hours* so we didn’t have a chance to go to Home Depot to buy more grout and cement, which means no fireplace work. But to be fair, Antz’s back really needed a rest. I wanted him to print more maternity photos for our scrapbook but it’s not like an urgent project. He also still needs to find a way to adhere the chalkboard to the rubber mat *rubber glue maybe?* I did get our new frames yesterday and they look pretty awesome on the fireplace mantle. I love them! Super cute ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I could take a sneak peek of what flowers are in season at the flower mart because I have no idea *except sunflowers and peonies* which flowers to get especially on our limited budget. I would love orchids but Antz doesn’t think they stand out enough. I wonder if we don’t get balloons, we could increase our flower budget. This morning I had one of my weird sleeping patterns and I woke up at 5am before the sun came up. I didn’t go back to bed until 7am *when Antz woke up*. I bought the BabyHawk Mei Tei carrier. I can’t wait to get it.

Sounds like hammering is taking place outside so thank goodness work has started! Also to my surprise I walked into the kitchen to see Antz has glued the chalkboard to the mat so all he has to do now is hammer a post into the dirt and hang the mat, yay!

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