A Walking Tour of HP

Yesterday was as good as any day to finally drag my butt to the post office to mail the book of photos I put together for my Grandmother Elizabeth in Michigan. I decided since it was a lovely day and God knows I need the exercise to walk to the PO. At a mere 7 blocks, it would seem like a piece of cake. Not-at-all! Highland Park is an urban jungle, the beginning of our journey was met to the sounds of vicious barking dogs and heavy traffic from kids getting picked up from school *not very courteous to a Mommy with a stroller *

My little hipster bebe *sans Van because she’s keen on eating them*

I would LOVE Aimee to get a Vespa!


This coffee shop saves York Ave and Highland Park. It’s really cute and charming!

Coffee is hipsters nectar, the Oxy College students come in droves on their bikes, with their skinny jeans, ratty converse and Mac laptops

This is a rare cute vintage clothing store, Aimee and I are going to check it out one of these days

This is a decent bar, The York, it’s packed Thursday – Saturday

Here’s where I begin my rant, this bakery has great potential but it’s so uncute!! Why not paint, get rid of the awful dated windows and renovate it into a sweet bakery?

I popped in but quickly retreated, the shop is filthy, no design and no fresh croissants *BOO!*

This is a treat, a Glass shop opened over the holidays. I hope it stays open by Spring because it’s a cool looking spot

This is a surprisingly cute dress shop

Unfortunately, the entire street is scattered with tacky party stores and pinatas galore *how many different pinatas stores does one need?*

This place is the pet shop equivalent of the Bates Motel *CREEPY* I made the mistake, when we first moved in, of going in there looking for dog food for Maxwell when I found myself in a PIGEON shop. Who the hell buys pigeons?? That is all they sell, seriously thousands of caged pigeons and it appeared that the owner never has cleaned the cages. It was the epitome of GROSS!

Once we got to the Post Office a seemingly nice older lady *a Memaw* struck up a waiting in line conversation *partly with me, mostly with Liv* I have no idea how to respond when it comes to the inane chitchat. I always half laugh and mumble thanks,…it’s a girl…and she’s 7 months. Then I start texting, looking for something in my bag or pretend to seem too busy. I am such a mean girl, it’s hard for me to make small talk with strangers. I want to be like get your nosey ass out of my face, I do not give a fuck that you think they should open more lines! How does one properly respond to the statement “Who is this old lady talking to me?” directed towards Olivia yet staring at me with a crazy person smile…ummm, I don’t know? Awkward!

Doesn’t this house scream charm?!
During my walk home, I was greeted by a rooster crowing at 4:30 in the afternoon. Only in Mexi…Highland Park!! So this is it, this is the eyesore, needs-to-be-condemned-by-the-city, crapshack that I live adjacent to. Please note the lovely tarp patio where the scum lives. Yep, they live outdoors, they aren’t allowed in the house *like indoors is any better* I am so terrified we will get lame ass neighbors moving next door *I spied a fatso pickup truck-driving dirtbag checking out the place on Thursday*
Last night was super fun. We picked up my Mommy and went to dinner at a Creole restuarant Harold & Belles.
 HOOLY COW soooo yummy in my tummy!

I ordered the Seafood jambalaya
Mommy had the Shrimp and crawfish Etouffe
Antz had the gumbo *and although he liked it he said mine was better, YAY!*
It was pretty pricey but well worth it, I can’t wait to go to N’orleans and eat authentic cajon cuisine!
This morning we went to the flower mart *after I circled through downtown trying to find it*. I love that place, it always reminds me of the Friday before my wedding when we bought $500 worth of flowers *heavenly* We got some really lovely flowers for $20 bucks and I now have my eye on these potted branches for the living room.
We got hydrangas, antique creamy roses, spray yellow roses and randulums *I know I totes spelled that wrong*

Antz wasn’t liking my randulums but I thought they would look sweet in Liv’s milk vase. They reminded me of a cheaper *$2 a bunch* version of peonies. Antz put together the flowers *he’s the florist in this family*

I must hurry, we are going to play The Accomplice today and I am super excited about it!!

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