7 Days to Go…that’s enough time, right?

So today is officially one week from our shower. I woke up at 7:30 this morning. I know I need to be crossing things off my list but there’s not much I can do until next week. Here’s what my list is looing like:

Cirque Du Bebe Things To Do
*Put shower playlist on Antz iphone (today)
*Decorate onesie for guest’s sample (I think I’ll do that today *I haven’t felt so creative*)
*Give her a map and menu/go over food pick up with his sister, Debra (Sunday)
*Order rentals (I called Pico Party Rents yesterday to revise my order so waiting on email from them and Monday before I see Gilli I’m going to pay for the order in person)
*Order PF Changs catering (After acupuncture I’m going to see Bill to place/pay for the order)
*Order Starbucks coffee / buy giftcards (Monday after PF Changs)
*Assemble feather centerpieces (We will do this Tuesday night when he gets home from work)
*Order Sprinkles (I am doing that online Wednesday)
*Clean our house!! Wash curtains, bedding and rugs (can start this once garage is finished so we can put all the storage back into garage and clear the clutter, Pushing for Wednesday)
*Get a pedicure (Thursday, yay!)
*Put pencils through the Bebe Wishes paper (have to wait until Thursday night so the paper doesn’t get folded or bent, I don’t know how we will store them without the pencils marking the paper)
*Pin celeb photos to corkboard (Antz has a corkboard at work his has to bring home on Thursday for me to use for this game) *it’s larger than the foam board*
*Finish menu (Antz wants to affix it to the post before I write on it and I don’t want the chalk to fade or get smudged so Thursday I’ll write out the menu)
*Purchase flowers for house (Friday morning at downtown flower mart)
*Rental delivery (Friday TBD)
*Cut zebra fabric to fit Gift table and caricaturist table (Friday after delivery)
*Take cash out of the ATM to pay for (caricaturist, starbucks and flowers Friday before Vons)
*Buy ice for drink buckets (Friday when I go to Vons)
*Pick up cupcakes/ Assemble towers (Friday afternoon)
*Change bedding, dust, de-clutter house (Friday)
*Charge camera batteries (Friday, I always forget to do this!)
*Drop off Maxwell at Story & Chris’s house (Friday night)
*Put apple juice in bottles for bottles up game/put in fridge (Friday night)
*Wash/style my hair (Friday night)
*Leslie picks up coffee (Saturday @ noon)
*Place the linens, put cushions on the chairs, set the tableware, centerpieces, favors, drinks and dessert table (Saturday)

This is what Antz list is looking like:

*Finish grouting/repairing fireplace hearth (He’s working on that now)
*Fix Pink frames (both of the frames need stands to prop them up, today)
*Sew Liz’s dress (I just need a few stitches, today)
*Print sign for front gate (today)
*Build bassinet (today)
*Borrow table from his Mom (today)
*Take wood and debris downstairs to throw out (today or tomorrow)
*Put up post for menu board (Sunday)
*Put car seat in my car (Sunday)
*Give her a map and menu/go over food pick up with his sister, Debra (Sunday)
*Assemble feather centerpieces (Tuesday)
*Touch up cracks on outside wall (Wednesday once the garage is finished)
*Put all the tools and garage stuff back into garage (Wednesday once they finish)
*Clean out our cars (we are both holding garage stuff in our cars, Wednesday)
*Help clean, move furniture, wash floors (starting Wednesday)
*Sod, mulch backyard (start on Thursday when our gardener comes and finish Friday when he picks up sod from Lowes)
*Paint our front door (Thursday)
*Hang wreath (Thursday)
*Bring home corkboard for celeb game (Thursday)
*Wash backdoor and windows (Friday)
*Bring trash cans to the backyard (Friday)
*Set up electrical outlet for the portable speakers in backyard (Friday)
*Assemble flowers (Friday)
*Drop off Maxwell at Story & Chris’s house (Friday night)
*Pick up balloons (Saturday)
*Hang (2) posters, (2) canopies and balloons (Saturday)
*Set up candles in fireplace (Saturday)
*Place the linens, set up chairs, set the tableware, centerpieces, favors, drinks and dessert table (Saturday)

As you can see these lists are quite long but I am hoping nothing is too tedious. Antz keeps telling me the stuff on his list each takes less than an hour to complete. Nothing can stop me from worrying *stressing* that the crew won’t get the garage finished on time. They are working all weekend but we have another inspection coming up and that may hold us up *gasp*. I really have to stick to this timetable so Friday and Saturday we aren’t running around too much *as if we aren’t already*. My Mom and her friend Patti dropped by last night and they got to see the nursery and our maternity pics. I was pretty embarrassed on how cluttered and dirty our house was. Tonight we are picking up Antz Mom and going to an art show my Mom is playing drums at in Downtown LA. We have a prenatal appt. this Wednesday and we are meeting our pediatrician, Kristen Chapman, the same day.
So yesterday I uploaded Olivia’s nursery photos on Project Nursery. I have been trying to submit the photos to Ohdeedoh but I keep getting an error message, I think the photo sizes are too large 🙁
Looks like the busiest week ever!! Hope I have time to post anything.

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