Our Garage deck is Finished!

Insomnia was returned with a vengeance. I cannot get back to sleep. Poor Antz keeps getting waken up by my noise *trying to type quietly* and he is getting up a few hours to go to Lowes to buy sod, since it sells out by noon. I have to call Pico Party Rents at 9 am to confirm the delivery time. I feel like I did get a lot done yesterday but not enough. I still need to pin the celeb baby photos to the corkboard Antz brought home. I need to buy Starbucks giftcards for prizes. I MUST clean the bathroom living room, change our bedding, print a photo for the frame on Olivia’s dresser, put the Wii in the living room *for Justin in case he gets bored*.  My mind is racing with projects we need to finish. The best news is the garage is done!!!

I was able to park my car in the garage and Antz put some storage stuff in there. It looks fabulous and we are really happy with it however, they forgot to paint the eave of the front roof and wash the garage doors, so Antz has to do that tomorrow. Jose came late in the afternoon but he cut the grass and cleaned the yard up so we are happy to have that taken care of. We tied the forks, spoons, knives and chopsticks together, boy was that a tedious task, neither of us were really into it and it took forever. I put together the Lack side table to go next to the couch. Tomorrow once Antz gets back from Lowes we are going to downtown LA to buy flowers from the flower mart. I know I definitely want peonies but I have no idea how expensive they are. I need close to 5 bouquets, I want modern flowers not your typical roses. I need sunflowers for the living room. Antz sister Debra told us she bought the diaper dude from our Target registry, yay. I know me not getting any sleep now is going to affect me tomorrow so I need to force myself to shut down. I am way too anxious. *counting sheep*

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