Hopefully I will make it through this post before Antz gets home. Olivia is upset with me today because instead of our usual flash cards *made by Daddy*

I changed up the curriculum by reading/spelling words from this book to Liv

She was not at all amused and has been fussy all day. I am only thinking of giving her a head start to win the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee!

So I stumbled across this adorable Bloggess from New Orleans. I am in love with her sign idea of 15 street destinations that have special meaning to her. I am thinking of re-vamping our menu chalkboard and creating a favorite destinations sign of our own. My only issue is where will it live? *we have run out of wall space in this house*.

My sign would most likely include:
1. Delmas Terrace *the street of our first apartment together*
2. Topanga Canyon *the street of the beach we got married on*
3. Dexter *our current street*
4. the street of the house I would love to buy
5. California *the street of the hospital Liv was born*
6. Atwater Village *the neighborhood we hope to move to/we spend alot time here*

I have to think longer for the rest of the streets/destinations. Sadly, Liv has been waking up from her nap screaming her head off for no apparent reason.

So once again I’m playing the waiting game with Best Buy. It seems the iPhone 4 in white may be available this Saturday, so I am going to line up early. I doubt it will be there but I need to get Aimee’s birthday present *a new Samsung phone* anyway. Her birthday is Sunday but we don’t have any plans with her yet. We are bringing her gifts to her house but she doesn’t want to celebrate, she’s bummed she’s turning 35. She asked Antz 2 years ago to paint her and Holden as Madonna & Child so he finished it last weekend.

I think it’s pretty rad except Holden isn’t as plump as the painting depicts. I know she’ll love it. She already has a painting by him of the Mona Lisa with her face on it and a couple of Van Gogh’s he painted for her.

Well, I have to make this fussy baby happy. Tomorrow I hope to post the bedroom makeover I’ve been working on in Photoshop.

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