Dirty, Pretty Things

I have always loved the title of this Audrey Tautou film but not loved the movie so much. Anyway, during my hunt for a new cardigan, I saw the new jewelry at Anthropologie

I adore these necklaces and they are all under $60!!
I had an Anthropologie necklace a year ago that I cherished but one day it fell apart while I was wearing it. The beads scattered everywhere.

Oh well, my wants are secondary. Olivia’s wishlist comes first. I will be ordering her books and her hamper. Antz is on his way home with dinner. It’s so nice out I want to eat outside on the patio. We may go for a walk with Liv and Maxwell in Atwater Village.

This Pretty Thing took 7 weeks to surpass Totoro! She’s starting to hold her head up on her own.

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