Fun times are fun!!

Today I met my Mommy friend Jennifer *and baby Charlotte* and her friend Melina *and baby Noah* in Montrose. We met at Bellies baby store then walked a little and had lunch at Black Cow Cafe. I had the yummiest blue cheese Angus burger and fries. We hung out for 2 hours talking about Mommy things. Sadly I didn’t take any pics 🙁 Olivia was wonderful, she fussed a little but I was smarty pants and I had a bottle ready for her. Now we are back home and she is enjoying her playmat and talking loudly *squealing and laughing* I need to upload some new Tom Waits songs on my iphone. Speaking of iphones, I called Best Buy yesterday and they are saying that the iphone in white may not be available until the END OF THE YEAR!!

The plan was to get them from Best Buy as anniversary presents to each other but I have called everyday and the black iphone is sold out. I did find this rad onesie today that I need to get for Liv

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