Liv’s a Supermodel

Our gorgeous 7 weeker has had more pictures taken than most people have taken in their entire lifetime. I can’t help but get camera-hyper with her *Antz calls me Mommerazzi*. My Mom took tons of photos of me growing up but my Antz hardly has a handful of photos of himself in his younger days. I am hoping one day Olivia will appreciate us documenting her life as best we could. Last Wednesday I was on my own taking her weekly so I didn’t get that many poses. Here are the top 3:

As many photos as we have taken, I feel like they are pretty blah. I really want to showcase Liv’s personality, it’s difficult catching her glowing smile with the camera. I have always liked the commerical for the Amazon Kindle

This incredible blog has the same concept for her daughter. I love the idea of being able to pose Liv while she sleeps *so she is less fussy*


Now I need to visit the fabric store and put together our own masterpieces.
On another subject, we received *the much anticipated* invitation to Keith & Tina’s house for swimming and BBQ this Saturday. I am excited to teach Liv how to swim and Liv will meet Tina and our friend Maeve for the first time.

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