Apple Valley weekend

We decided to spend the weekend at my Mom’s in Apple Valley. It’s probably the last time we’re going out there this summer. I totally forgot to pack Liv’s starfish float so we didn’t get in the jacuzzi this time. We went to Target and Best Buy to check out flat screen TVs and sound systems for my Mom. She bought a cute Samsung *with a little prodding from me*, a Bose surround sound and a full motion mount, which I am mesmerized by, it swivels 180 degrees so we can watch TV from any spot in the kitchen/family room. Antz installed the TV and the mount and I hooked up the cable and the surround sound. *patting my own back* We still need to figure out where to put the cords.

Antz and Liv watching the new TV…Love Liv’s pouty face!

By the time it was finished, the day was over. We ate pizza and watched Inglourious Basterds. This morning we went to my Mom’s cute next door neighbors *Skip & Marilyn* house to thank them for the present they bought Liv.

Liv’s lovey

They were super nice. Liv wore her sailor suit *my favorite, from Godmommy Aimee*

My Mom likes the style of their house so now she’s inspired to remodel her house and possibly build another house on the property. All this remodel talk has me yearning to work on our tiny bathroom.

When we moved in, I fell in love with this Johnathan Adler 7 Deadly Sins shower curtain *from BB&B* so when we were designing the small space we thought lime green and orange, would be a fun palette for a tiny bathroom. Now we are finding the paint too Nickelodeon themed. I am ready for a more mature color scheme and seller friendly. We want to put in hexagon white 2 x 2 tile flooring *California Bungalow style* install a pedastal sink and replaster the shower/tub white. It’s a hideous dusty rose color as you can see in the before we bought our house photo

before we bought the house

the day we moved in

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