Oktoberfest in LA

This evening we were relaxing in Liv’s nursery using our respective laptops when Story called me to ask me where I was. Confused, I said we’re home but duh, I thought we were going to the Montrose Harvest Festival tomorrow when we were supposed to be going to Montrose Oktoberfest tonight! Aye yi-yi as Ricky Ricardo would say. So I jumped in the shower and got Liv ready in 30 minutes and we hurried over. It took awhile to find parking and it seemed super crowded. Wowzers, it was as packed as the LA county fair!
We met our friends, Story & Chris, Jes, George and Dave and his date. George’s girlfriend was playing in the German band so we hung out and listened to her rock out on the sax. I *of course* had delicious kettle korn and Antz tried German beer. We only stayed for less than 2 hours. A bunch of people stopped us to say how cute Liv was but she was mistaken for a boy *AGAIN!!* and someone asked us if she was ONE month old…ummm ok, drunk person. There were plenty of drunk, obnoxious people and it was quite tricky manuvering the stroller around the crowd. We were more than happy to get home.

Sorry, I’m much too tired to sort and format these pics. Besides, that was the gish of the night, pretty random. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but our day will most likely be uneventful *we are both spent*. Before I go beddie bye, I found Liv’s BIG TICKET item!!! I LOVE IT!!

I want to ride in it with her but I’m a sasquatch so too small for Mommy. SUPER RAD!

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  1. Hello darling, Lizzie!
    Looks like you had a BUSY weekend!! The house looks AMAZING! Antz did an awesome job & I'm totally jealous! We haven't started at all on decorating and I'm not 100% sure we'll do a whole lot with the house this year. BTW, good luck on your pumpkin pie! Let me know how it goes! I think you'll do just fine! Word of advice, follow the directions exactly! Although, if you keep doing all this great baking, Antz will never want you to stop! haha Trust me, I've had the same problem! hehe Totally loved the video of Liv! She's simply adorable! Wonder when Lily's gonna find her toes! She seems too lazy right now.. lol

    I love your idea about the pumpkin patch and about the whole christmas card thing. I gotta figure something out b/c I'm sure my family in Tampa would love that. I'll prob wait until right after thanksgiving when we put the tree up. Wish me luck that I don't procrastinate TOO long. *I'm terrible w/that!* Well, TTYS, mon ami!

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