This is Halloween

Today is the day we are setting up our house for Halloween *YAY*. I went to Target to check out the new Halloween decor and was disappointed in the selection. The only thing I liked *which Antz doesn’t* was the glitter skeletons and pumpkins in black

He says it’s too Disco looking but I think it looks chic! I am pawing through my Goddess Martha mags getting ideas and I so ready to buy some pumpkins and decorate them

I also found this rad blog that I am stealing every baking recipe for this month!!
He just went downstairs to the garage to bring up the decorations. I want to do something different but because some of the pieces require a cord, we are stuck putting them in the same positions every year



Here’s today’s current progress:

Cool, I found my folder of pictures from our past Halloweens….I think it was 2007 when we were the bride & groom. We went to the West Hollywood parade *total madness* and we posed for tons of pics *everyone said we were super creepy *yay* and we were interviewed for the news.

Anthony dressed as a werewolf for work but changed into a dead-groom later. Yes, that is his REAL HAIR not a wig!!

Waiting for trick or treaters *we don’t get that many because we live on a hill. I scared the shit out of little kids!

This is West Hollywood on a normal day, lol!

That was a fun Halloween. I am super excited for this year. Antz just gave me an app for my phone that tracks your daily calories, activities and creates a profile of your progress. I guess I’ll start it today…? It basically does the same thing our Wii Fit does but it’s convenient because it’s portable and I can use it when we go out to eat. I hate DIEting and counting calories but as Antz and I were puffing while walking up a small hill last night we really want to get into better shape so we can keep up with Liv as she gets older. I think I’m the perfect amount of lazy but I do want to get back to my wedding weight *this is why I NEED a pool*. I need to go help Antz with the decorations but I have to post this silly video of Liv and her Dad playing this morning.
Wow, I’ve been downstairs cleaning out the trunk of my car and my video is still uploading! The state of my trunk has been very embarrassing especially since I am using it several times everyday to lug her stroller. I was so mortified of the condition of my trunk I refused the car wash guys to open it so they wouldn’t make fun of my disgustingness. A few weeks back Antz threw all his random shit from his car into my trunk and it’s been chaos ever since.

Here’s my dirty secret, I am a trunk HOARDER!! Need a flashlight for an emergency *with dead batteries*? come see me. Oh who’s the umbrella queen that has 3 in her trunk? *I could really use one of them in the house the other day* and one that is broken, this girl! Looking for a cozy pair of gross hospital socks, I’m your man. I had over 6 canvas totes for shopping and I NEVER remember to use them so I end up with thousands of plastic bag *kinda defeats the purpose right?* Doesn’t everyone need 3 yoga mats in case an emergency yoga class should occur? Oh and I actually keep the interior of my car meticulously neat and clean *my baby goes in there* so I hate finding used q-tips *thanks to hubby* and candy wrappers *I’m the guilty one there* under my seats so I bought a cute Hello Kitty mini trash bin to solve the trash problem. Well, it turns out there is nowhere to store the guy and I was afraid it would get broken so it’s been living in my trunk still in the box!!! Here’s my after shot, it’s not as clean as I’d like but I need to get my car washed anyway so I’ll have my trunk vacuumed this time.
You know what I find ironic? I have the complete opposite problem with hoarding in my car in my freezer. It’s ridiculously bare *with exception to my gluttoness ice cream; Haagen dazs bars, ice cream cookies and fruit bars*
Well, I am thinking about baking something today. We may go to Target *if I can convince Antz to get that black glitter set* and grab a late lunch. I hear hammering and use of tools so I’m curious to see what hes up to on the porch, I’ll post the results tonight. Ok I got eager beaver, here’s the finished look *Kudos to Antz who sadly had to do the work himself this year because I was on bebe duty, nice job!!*

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