Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 6

Well, it’s Mix Tape Friday and this week, I have been in my car probably close to 40 hours so I have been listening to alot of old CDs of mine.

I popped in a CD I named Happiness and instantly remembered why I named it so…

“Happiness” Goldfrapp

The most lovely name in all the world..We saw this band for New Years at the Disney Concert Hall and it was super fantastic!!  The lead singer China Forbes was 7 months preggo and she was amazing. I also was blown away by Thomas Lauderdale piano skills.

“Lilly” Pink Martini

*New Year’s Eve 2008*

I would LOVE for Olivia to be a concert pianist *she has the fingers for it* I totally took years of piano lessons but I somehow blocked that creative flow in my brain. Now when I sit in front of my Mommy’s piano I can just play “Shave and a haircut, 2 bits”

I would LOVE to see this band live. Beth Gibbons is the modern day Billie Holiday, she smokes and drinks while she sings. I have the Live at Roseland NYC dvd and every song rocks.

“Over” Portishead

It’s been awhile since I heard my man, Tommy. This song is super sexy, all the years I’ve listened to it I always thought one of the lyrics was “you’re the ice in my drink” but one day Antz corrected me “it’s AND the ice in my drink” I like it better my way. This song is from the album Alice and I love every song on it. Tom’s music reminds me of a turn-of-the century carnival in New Orleans. I must see Tom live in the next year, I should add that to my life list. He is so fucking rad.

“Alice” Tom Waits

My obligatory Björk of the week is an oldie but goody *well, great* it’s such a cute song and I adore the way she says Ghetto Blaster. Oh my Gawd, she is soooo fucking cute!! This is Aimee’s favorite Björk song so this one is for you babe!!

“There’s More to Life Than This” Björk

Richard James is the weirdest guy in the world. I have no idea what the fuck he was thinking when he made this video but the director is Chris Cunningham *the genuis behind Alll is Full of Love by Björk* I have the works of Chris Cunningham dvd and when I first saw this video, all I could say was What Tee Fuck?? Now, it’s pretty much my anthem, but I’m a weirdo too!

“Windowlicker” Aphex Twin

This is my random song of the week. It’s not as random as others but I have a serious obsession with the 1960’s. I love Brigette Bardot’s style and Serge’s lovely French accent. I am pretty sure it’s my destiny to live in France for a year.

“Pauvre Lola” Serge Gainsbourg

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Mixtape. I know I did!!

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