Lowes and Target

We went to Lowes and Target pretty late, didn’t leave the house after 8:30 and didn’t get home until after 10. Antz got all the supplies he needed for finishing the fireplace but he may wait until this weekend to work on it. He doesn’t have that much more to do. We picked up more ink and glossy photo paper from Target. Antz vetoed buying the topairies because they are too tall for his truck and maybe too tall for our front porch and they are too expensive. Boo!

I was burning hot and sweating in Lowes, I guess I was having a heat flash. I am kinda panicked because I haven’t been feeling Olivia move so much today 🙁 She should be totally turning flips because I finally got her glider and I will stop stressing about her room being finished on-time. Antz finished putting up the artwork, her “O” and his Neopets plushies.

The chair is much bigger in person. Antz is printing the preggers and maternity photos for our scrapbook now. I’m glad we bought new paper because it prints much clearer and sharper than the Epson paper we were using. I have the major yawns so smell ya later!

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