It’s Begining to look alot like Christmas!

Murphy’s Law has bitten me in the arse once again. I went to Target on Friday just to pop in to exchange the printer ink. I checked out the Christmas decorations once again *out of sheer habit* and I noticed these exterior lights were on sale

I didn’t think much of it but I just watched Celebrity Holiday Homes on HGTV and I fell in love with Holly Robinson Peete & Brooke Burns houses.

Sorry the pics are lame but I couldn’t find them online

Love this elegant White Christmas design

I knew we could use our old multi-colored lights and I love them, but I was thinking about how much our electric bill goes up. So in the spirit of wanting to be green, I emailed the pic of the lights to Antz to see what he thought. He said sure but I was being indecisive so I thought, “Oh, I’ll just come back tomorrow once I make up my mind”. Hah! Turns out today we went to 2 Targets and not only were they sold out of the 200 bulb strands but the sale ended. LAME!!! We bought 5 sets of 60 so I got my White Christmas!

Our “retro” lights from last year
This year’s lights, I added ornaments to the wreath to jazz it up

Our stupid camera doesn’t seem to want to photograph the lights, this was the best shots I got and it was dusk and rainy.
Antz made these rad snowflakes *stupid camera doesn’t show the glitter detail*

I love his glitter box *that’s what she said*
So it turned out that I had my date with Aimee but we had so much fun at dinner,
Me and the *seriously* 99 year old waitress at Brite Spot diner *she loved me!!*
We ended up missing the movie, Boo! We will raincheck for next Thursday *which will be better because Antz is taking the day off so he can join us. His Mommy will babysit for us*
I gotta hit the sheets, it’s been raining for hours and our house is nice and toasty thanks to our new mini heaters.

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