The Accomplice *shhh, it’s secret*

You should know that I am incapable of keeping a secret! The Accomplice was terrific. Fun, cheesy, silly and exciting all at the same time. We dropped Liv at her Grandmother’s house and made it to Hollywood & Highland *despite stupid traffic* just in time to meet our friends at California Pizza Kitchen. Our friends Warren & Kim were celebrating their anniversary *of their first date, 9 years ago, awww* so that’s why we were playing the game. We randomly saw Craig Robinson  who was having a titillating coversation with a little person, so we were sure he had something to do with the game. Then, as I was hamming it up at the game starting point *which happens to be an oversized yellow chaise* a Japanese tourist, dressed in a kimono, asked me to take a picture with her, we thought, ooh, the game has started for sure, but nothing.

Noone wanted to take a pic of Craig so Kim had some fun with Photoshop *can you find him?*

Gross, I admit

We stood around for ten minutes coming up with our best scenario of how the game would begin *I envisioned a helicopter hovering ahead full of men rappelling from rope that would blindfold us and force us into a windowless van* but I am a bit dramatic, aren’t I? Just then, a chick ran up to us and started talking a mile a minute, before I could whip out my camera she was telling us what was going.

That’s her in the hat

She gave us a bag full of maps, a tape recorder and other unknown items and told us to shut our mouths or else, so we got busy following instructions.

No help from the recorder

After successfully solving the first clues, we found ourselves at Grauman’s Chinese Theater looking for Joan Crawford’s footprints *how lovely, I adore Joan Crawford!*
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, this is a poor man’s Hello Kitty! Hollywood Blvd is full of grody, knock-off characters *lame Spiderman, Jack Sparrow and SpongeBob’s that look and smell like drunk, bummers* taking photos with tourists for tips, we were looking everyone with espionage on the brain. Trust noone, suspect everyone was the motto.

Don’t we look Scooby-Dooish? Solving crimes and shit, YAY!

Happily, one of our clues lead us to Pig n’ Whistle and a little nosh and beer. Best part of the game was there was ample beer and self-deprecating jokes.

Yummers!I hadn’t eaten all day.

I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the game but let your imagination run free.

Everyone knows this guy?
Scientology and actual bummers were involved…don’t ask, don’t tell!

I was clever enough to figure out the winning code so I opened the prize at the end!!

Wouldn’t you like to know what it was….I’ll never tell!

It was very amusing, we spent 2 1/2 hours running around Hollywood, having a fantastic time.

This was at the end with the producers, they told us we were a fun group and they have The Accomplice in New York and London now. I would definitely play again.

We had drinks *I had a virgin Sex on the Beach* at Angels and Kings bar.

Fun times and look who joined us, SIKE! once again that is Kim’s fancy photoshop skills.
Sunday we cleaned our house and the neighbor’s realtor came by and checked out the house. She seemed, I want to say impressed but not really, I’m sure she looks at million dollar houses all the time so our little shack wouldn’t be dazzling to her. She said it was cute and we definitely needed to get the foundation repaired and take down the chimney *no fucking duh!*. Then came the bad news, she assessed our place based on the current condition, the comps in the area and the square footage for under 400k. BOO, LAME, GONG!! I knew it would be a low number so I was mentally prepared for disappointment. I told her my half-assed Lucy Richardo scheme and she gave us 3 *bummer* options; rent our house out and rent in Atwater Village  for 2 years then sell our house at a loss and take the tax deduction *umm, no way!* Short sale *upon our bank’s approval and rent until we can afford to buy in AV *that’s even more lame* or stay put, make the major repairs and sell in 5 – 8 years when the market has recovered. Our most reasonable option although I really don’t like it. She pretty much validated the truth I was trying to hide from. I won’t be moving anytime soon *maybe not even by my goal, before Liv starts Kindergarden* I was feeling blue about hearing that so Antz took me to Acapulcos *in Atwater, ouch* and I ate a ton of tortilla chips and queso dip. We randomly ended up at Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round *which is always closed when I drive past it* so we checked it out.

There were some pretty creepy looking horses and naked fairies.

I adore Liv with her Papa!!
Awesome weekend, now it’s time to get serious about my resolutions and getting financially ready to move to my Barbie Dream House!!

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  1. Looks like that was a lot of fun you had! =)

    As far as the house situation.. That blows, dude! I'm so sorry to hear that. But at least you were prepared, and now know what to do to get things accomplished. Just be patient, and you can make it work!

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