Vacation all I’ve ever wanted

Yep, it’s a Go-Go’s Tuesday jam session and this song is making me want to pack up and get on a plane! I cannot believe I renewed my passport in 2007 and don’t have any lousy stamps so far. We have to take Liv on a trip soon. I can’t wait until San Diego for her birthday in June but I want to travel internationally *well, Europe* so bad it hurts!

I am craving a buttery croissant at a sidewalk cafe in Paris…

Or steaming in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavík

I add to my own misery by watching House Hunters International and last night’s episode was in Morrocco. Holy Shit, I am not a fan of apartment type living but the buildings they looked at were INCREDIBLE!!
And Fiji, OH-EM-GEE! Story grew up in Fiji and they way she describes it sounds like Shangri-la! But the ultimate was Bali…I have wanted to go there forever. It is definitely on my list of places I’d love to move to when Antz retires.
It really bugs me that you can take $400k *our house’s current value* and move to a tropical paradise and buy beachfront, brand new, luxury, fully furnished, 3 bedroom 2 bath, with a swimming pool and huge acreage without any problem. Yet in LA, you have to be a millionaire to buy into a decent neighborhood and you would only be able to afford a 2 bedroom 1 bath fixer on a tiny lot, paying close to $10k a year in property taxes. I am becoming so cynical *LAME*
Maybe we’ll take a mini road trip this weekend after we go to the birthday party of our friend Aura’s daughter.


This post was inspired by my new Blogtress crush, Kristina
*isn’t she adorable?*
I am so smitten with her blog, Kris Atomic and her photography!!

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  1. I am so like you on wanting to travel! I told AJ once we get in a better place financially (which will be easier to get there now that AJ's also working!) we should definitely start doing a “Travel Fund”. So that every year, at some point in the year, we can go somewhere! I would LOVE to take us to Paris! OMG I love it there!!! But there's so many other places I'd love to go to. I know he'd love to go to Italy.. Ahh the places we will go….

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