That’s right, I am no longer winning! Malcolm came by today for the plumbing quote and crushed my new and improved bathroom dreams.

He informed us that we can’t repair the bathroom without repairing the pipes throughout the rest of the house *replacing the galvanized pipes and adding shut off valves and other fancy plumbing terms* I mean I don’t even have a quote yet and I know I can’t afford it. Even if we nixxed the new ceramic tile floor, new sink/vanity, new toilet, and reglazing the tub/showerwall *which Malcolm strongly advised against* it wouldn’t be half of the cost to repair the plumbing. The worst part is we have to replace our water heater like NOW!! We found an actual date on the heater and that guy was born is 1987 *I was ten years old when this water heater was installed!!!!*

*I was rad even then!!*

Michael Jackson got a case of the hothead during a Pepsi commercial back in ’87!!!!

Okay enough of the eighties flashbacks. So the suckiest news was, he can’t repair anything without repairing everything which means muy expensivo. So even if he were to replace the ancient water heater, it’s tied into the bathroom sink pipes so that must be replaced which mean breaking walls. MEGA LAME!!!

Another element we completely ignored during our inspection when we bought the place, nevermind that it takes 10 minutes to get warm *never hot* water in our house.

Yeah, that’s NASTY!! I need this fixed asap. I don’t know how it’s functioned for the last 20 years.

This bitch has the nerve to have a Superhero on it??!! Super Piece of Shit is more like it.
Now we have some decisions to make…
1. spend way more than my budget allows to get the plumbing done and end up left with an ugly bathroom and empty pockets?
2. Let the plumbing be, *I’ve lived with it for 5 years anyway* and pimp out the bathroom, new floor, new sink, new toilet, demo the pink wall hire someone to install subway tile on the showerwall and replace the pink tub?
3. Partial pimpage, tile the floor, new sink, new toilet, paint and new accessories *keep the budget under $500* and save until next year when we can do all the plumbing.
Well, option #3 is looking pretty obvious. I am going to get a second quote from my friend’s plumber but this house is a mess and I am not prepared to spend thousands to get the Beverly Hills facelift she needs. I’m more in the position to go down to Mexico and get the cheap hundred dollar Botox *it’s pretty but it’s temporary and may cause blindness*
So, I’m disappointed that I can’t get everything on my bathroom wishlist this year so I needed a pick-me-up. I happened to come across this hilarious blog The Bitchy Waiter and I haven’t stopped laughing. Aimee is a waiter and I hear daily horror/comedy stories about her customers shenanigans.
There is a bit of good FUCKING AWESOME news for the day. I can actually check something off my New Years Resolutions list…We paid off 88% of our credit card debt.
We’ll be completely debt free by November!!

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