Atwater Village Playdate at the HeartBeat House

I was patiently waiting for my Lovely to rouse from her midday nap so we could mosey on down to the HeartBeat House. Everyone there were really cool. I got a chance to chat with the owner of the dance studio, Kumbi *who is mega cute* and we discovered that our daughters are 3 days apart. All the kids were super cute but Liv got a little too close with one cutie in particular…

I’ve got my eye on you Matteo!

This is Liv’s flirt face
Word is, Matteo is a ladies man, he already hit on my friend’s adorable daughter, Willa.

Okay…how fucking sweet is this??
If and when these two get married, I hope Liv has a wedding as rad as this one!! Thank Goodness someone was awesome enough to break the silly hideous bridesmaids dresses tradition. These chicks look so uniquely stunning.
So Antz left work early to come join me and we met some really cool Moms & Dads from Atwater. Since the weather was so nice and it was early, we took a leisure stroll *to spy on my Dream House* we stopped by my favorite Starbucks.
I guess that nap energized our bunny because she was mega hyper! She was practically breakdancing in the BabyHawk.


Man, this really solidifies *as well as bums me out* my desire to move there. Everyone is in the same mind set as we are. I feel like a foreigner in HP. Noone speaks to each other *except my never home awesome neighbor Carol* and I would never see myself having a playdate with any of the kids around here. I was seriously considering that we would find more house value in Eagle Rock and its a great town but it doesn’t have the small village community charm that AV does. I was telling the woman who invited me to the playdate that I feel more welcome in Atwater Village than I do my own neighborhood.
 Woe is me…*sad face*

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