Sminko De Mayo

I wasn’t even aware it was May 5th. Time is irrelevant for this Busy Bee Mommy. Today Godmommy Aimee came over and we had a busy day of running around. We went to Target *had a blast in there and spent much more than I should have, even with $20 in coupons!*

Me and Aimee were cracking up at this shit. She bought some for Holden cause she’s GHETTOOO!

We seriously considered buying this cupcake pinata but we didn’t


Ugh, check out this super hot mess!!
So not cute, Liv is a Pampers Sensitive girl!!
We headed over to Little Tokyo
Liv was out for naptime



Aimee took me to Tenno for Mom’s Day sushi feast!!



She ate yummy sushi *don’t panic, it was bananas*







We went to Spitfire Girl and, of course, Aimee loved everything in there. I want her to buy this guy!


After pulling her from the store we went to Potted *a fabulous shop in Atwater Village* so I could buy her Mother’s Day present.


So many lovely things, we love this store



Happy Mother’s Day Bestie!!


So I’m finally home. I picked up the school application from Dr. Wang so it’s all finished and tomorrow morning I’m submitting it and paying $50 to put her on the waitlist. I am saying a prayer, rubbing a rabbit’s foot and wishing she will get in next April with no dramarama. Now I need to start making her pom poms for the big day!!

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