I’m pretty much winging it

Pun Intended!! I was giving myself a migraine for the past week trying to create a template to cut the tons of fabric for these darn wings.

I drew out each individual wing and cut them out

The process took over 4 hours, tedious to say the least. 14 layers, my hands are killing me!

I folded them in half and just cut down the middle for each side

Zipped it through the ole sewing machine and VOILA!!

Tomorrow, I’ll measure the ribbon on Liv and sew it to the wings and all done! I should have gone to bed an hour ago but I was too excited to stop.
Tomorrow we’re registering Liv for swim lessons and then going to Dion & Evelyn‘s going away party. They requested everyone give them recipes to take to Paraguay so I wrote one for Asparagus Penne *cause they eat all healthy and junk*
Hope they aren’t reading this…ahem D & E, disregard the above! Or try to look surprised mañana. Loves ❤

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