The Dog Days are Over

Monday was a super busy day for me. I took Liv to her Grandma’s while I went to acupuncture. I went back to my MIL’s so I could nurse Liv so I wouldn’t leak *gross, right?* at the concert later. I took a quick 30 minute nap and then I went to the post office to send off Liv’s comp cards to a few agencies. I love how they turned out!


I would be seriously bummed if noone contacts me. I researched both agencies I submitted her headshots to, they sound pretty awesome.


Next I stopped by Target to pick up a few things and I finally scored those Yum dishes I mentioned the other day.
Then I got my car washed. I hadn’t taken pictures of Snowball IV yet.


I ordered my new Björk sticker and for the first time in my past 3 cars I am getting a different kind of Björk sticker. I like this font much better and the old one used to peel around the edges.


It sorta sucks because now car washes are $2 more because I have an “SUV” but this Tiguan is definitely smaller than my Jetta *although it does have more legroom*
So by the time I got home Antz was already leaving work. I had to throw on my clown face and we got to the Greek at 7:30 *LA traffic!* You wanna know what else sucks? Getting your car washed and then an hour later you have to drive through the dirt and park in the grass. That ALWAYS happens to me!
I hate my thin bangs…I need a toupee!
The first opening act was meh, the second was much better, Twin Shadow. They sounded like Duran Duran and Scissor Sisters.
Florence was AMAZING!! She really sings like an angel. We had the best seats, 4 rows back


Florence is stunning. She is about 6 feet tall and has the reddest hair I’ve ever seen. Her skin is alabaster and I was dying over her yellow Gucci cape gown. So FABulous!!


Bad camera strikes again. I had such a great vantage point and still every single photo come out like these. I did get a pretty rad video of her Dog Days finale.
I apologize for my obnoxious screaming and shaky camera skills. I also happened to catch a little girl who snuck on stage and danced with Flo…I’m pretty sure they executed her once security caught her.
At the end of the show I tried to work my magic and get a setlist but no matter how much I begged and lied about it being my birthday, the security guards were being jerks. At least we got someone to take a pic of all of us
I wanted to hang out with our friends but we were both missing Olivia *it was the longest we’ve been from her* so we went to pick her close to midnight. Now all I can think of is how badly I want to take Liv to see Björk in concert. My only concern is like Florence + the Machine, I’ve never been to a concert when some folks weren’t smoking *the Mary Jane if ya know what I mean* so I’m apprehensive to bring her to a show with the herb in the air.
Oh well, many thanks to Carlos for getting us the tickets and making it a fun show. I was happy to catch up with my friend Erin and hopefully I’ll see them both before his wedding in September. Speaking of wedding, Stephanie’s bridal shower is this Saturday. It’s going to be at a tea house so I’m assuming I need to behave like a lady…hmmm?
Today I took Liv to her last World Citizen dance class. I was going to sign her up for Scuffin Rock class to change things up but it’s on Thursday afternoon and that’s my weekly date with Aimee. Besides she enjoys World Citizen with Sarah so much and we’ve learned most of the songs already so I signed her up for the summer session. They don’t start until July 12th so we’ll have a few weeks off. I am thinking of having a bunch of playdates at our house soon.



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