I miss blogging, whaah!

I have so much going on that I want to post but my computer is still wonky and I am trying to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to buy my new Mac Air. You may think I am saddington without my laptop but check out my anniversary gift…

Lovely Antz bought me my very own ipad deux!! YAY!! Just what I wanted.
We have been violently happily married for 9 years

It took me forever to upload these 3 pics so I won’t even attempt to upload the awesome NELA art walk *which rocked* or our fun time at Peekaboo Playhouse last Friday. I will update my Summer Fun List before I log off my computer crashes.

1. BEACH DAYS!! and get a sweet tan *Done*

2. Take Olivia to at least one summer outdoor concert Hollywood Bowl Classic Nights *Done*
3. Use Liv’s blow up pool in the backyard *Done*
4. Engage in a water balloon fight *Done* Our 11 year old nephew, Justin had a water balloon fight at his birthday party

5. Sleep in the hammock
6. Make homemade peach cobbler  *I made grilled peaches in brandy sauce with Story so far*
7. Add 10 new farmers markets to my list *#27*
8. Take Olivia to a petting zoo *Done*
9. Host a Games Night/Playdate
10. 4th of July BBQ *Done*
11. Take a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal sanctuary*
12. Co-host Aimee’s Housewarming party *Done*
13. See the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA *Done*
14. Go bike riding *and finally make up my mind on a trailer for Liv*
15. Finish at least 3 of my Book Club list *Bonus points if I read in the hammock*

Today Liv had a playdate with her BFF Charlotte. They were SO sweet!! Liv fed veggie chips to Lotte and they had a blast playing together.

Olivia’s Playland

Cobb!!! I need the adorable pictures you took.
So I know I have a list of books to be read but I bought a book on itunes for my ipad that was RAD!!
It’s a graphic novel written by Lucy Knisley *my new favorite author* I literally read it in a half an hour. It’s about her trip to Paris with her Mom and it’s really cute. Makes me want to book a flight today. I’ll be patient, if I wait until Liv is 4, I’ll be on track to saving for our new house.
XOXO, Sorry for being so lame and not posting daily. I’ll try to at least check in weekly until I get the new laptop. Toodles Lovelies!!

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