I’m back from the DEAD!!

And apparently so is my laptop. It has been working since yesterday *only 7 crashes* but I am still this close to getting a Mac Air *yep, crossing over to the dark Apple side* Speaking of Apple, did you know they have more money than the United States government? I say we become the United States of Apple and everyone will be receive a government issued ipad 2 in exchange for their first born male… lucky me!

Antz has been allowing me to borrow his ipad and let me say, it’s AWESOME!! I wannit. Today is exactly one month countdown to Carlos & Stephanie’s wedding. I cannot express how excited I am about this day. Not only from me officiating the ceremony standpoint, but these two have been together FOREVER, like a year less than me and Antz so their marriage has been highly anticipated. I went dress shopping yesterday and I found a gray dress *crossing my fingers it’s the right shade of gray* that was affordable yet had a few issues that the cleaners is hopefully resolving.
It’s ridiculous how when you are looking for something specific, you never seem to find it yet when you aren’t looking it’s everywhere. In my case it’s light gray platform pumps.

Ideally, these Michael Kors platform pumps but stupid Nordstrom is sold out of my size. I’m positive I saw them at Aldo but there was nothing in gray at any of the stores I went to. Boo!

Gunmetal and metallics are currently in season so of course, I will be searching for my shoes probably until the day of the wedding. I want this style in gray *if anyone has seem them, please let me know*

Antz seems to think adding 5 inches to my 5’10 frame may be a bad idea. I also have to find a lavender hair accessory or corsage. I am loving this ostrich pouf from Ban.do but they don’t have it in lavender.
Then I saw this lovely at BHLDN and fell in love.

Now obviously I know these are shoe clips but they are multifunctional and I would totally wear them in my hair. Only $120!! I checked Etsy and there’s less expensive options but I need to get the lavender swatch from Stephanie this Saturday to get the right color. Antz needs to find either a gray or lavender tie too. Now I’m off to Fresh & Easy but before I go, check out who finally decided to play with her ball tent.

Snoochie Boochies Lovelies!!

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