Holy Shoes!

So last week Olivia’s feet decided to grow at a HULK-like rate. I just bought her 2 pair of  See Kai Run shoes in 12 – 18 months in confidence because this kid’s feet are uniquely narrow and long *think skis*

I miss these tiny feet

so I figured she was good in the shoe department. Turns out during our date day with Aimee, Liv was wearing her new sandals

Aimee noticed Liv had a red mark on the back of her foot. D’oh! Her new sandals were already too tight and rubbing against the back of her foot. LAME! So now I need to get her some new kicks in a larger size. How did she go from fitting a comfortable size 5 to size 7 in less than a month? I’ve had my eye on these adorable Livie & Luca shoes for months but Liv’s feet were too small.

Now they only have them in navy but I’m still ordering them. I really love these Birdie shoes but I am not sure what size to order them in, her current size or a size larger and wait a day for her to grow into them. I think these are perfect shoes for the fall.

I also need to replace her Converse

And her old Vans with these Hello Kitty Slip ons, still not sure if I want to get Yo Gabba Gabba! Vans

She outgrew her Saltwater sandals too. I really want these red ones but they are sold out in her size and Antz wants to stick with the tan color since it’s more neutral.

and I also want to get her these rad turquoise Toms

While I’m at it I can’t resist these metallic oxfords
The hard part is admitting that now her feet are growing at a much faster rate so it will be difficult buying so many shoes for her so often. She needs a new car seat too. I am pretty sure we are going with this Paul Frank seat but I’m bummed we’ll have to transfer it from my car to Antz car all the time.

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