Missoni Accomplished!!

So yesterday Aimee came over and we had our weekly date. She treated Liv and me to lunch at her favorite restaurant, Kabuki. It was sooo yummy!

Then we had to go to our usual spot, Target. I was telling her the story about the Missoni Madness when I said, we should go see if they have any suitcases left. Clearly under the impression I wouldn’t find one. Lo and behold what did we see??
No way, this could not the same Missoni suitcase that I saw people begging a woman to buy it for $500 last Tuesday!! I grabbed it so fast.
SO CUTE! I had to have it. It must have been my lucky day because not only did I get the suitcase but I found a Missoni travel bag too. Ideally, I really wanted the bright multi-colored version.
But I am not at all complaining about my treasure.

After years of buying luggage, I’ve never had such a cute bag. It came with 2 shoe bags *on our last trip, my shoes were filthy on the bottom and I didn’t want to put them next to my clean clothes* and it came with a laundry bag *no more ziplock bags for me*. So chic!! Antz was like, SELL IT!! He was convinced I’d triple my money but I checked eBay and it seems like the craze has died down. There were many suitcases listed for $200 or more but the black and white version all had zero bids. The colorful one is selling better but they included a matching tote bag for the $325 price tag. Nah, this bag is all mine. Now I’m super excited for our next trip *fingers crossed it will be Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary*

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