I am now covered from head to toe in orange glitter. Our gorgeous $8 Lowes pumpkin

 But it’s worth it, right?







While Antz was putting up the decorations, I was bored, so I started doodling…


I’m a dork, I know…
Yesterday we visited the Los Feliz Doctor Murder Mansion.


Even in daylight, the house feels super creepy. It’s been vacant since 1959!! I didn’t tell Antz the gruesome story until after we took these because I knew he wouldn’t want to get out of the car


I love spooky houses!!


After going to the Silverlake Craft Fair I use the term fair loosely.



I was digging this wig, but sadly it was not for sale.





This booth had some cute hairbows and jewelry.





This Mötley Crüe tank had Aimee’s name all over it!


I would rock this Prince tank like, for sure!
Muu-muu heaven



I really want a faux fur hat but this one was a tad too small, and I have a grape size head!


Awwww snap!!


Members Only! You know you want to join!!


As we were headed out I noticed this lovely Horsey cardi that was reminiscent of The Dude.


Too bad I spent all the cash we had or else it would have come home with me and my wonky boobs.


It was quite sparse if you compare it to the awesomeness of the Renegade Craft Fair but I did find a macrame booth. Holy Shizz, I was so excited and guess who’s booth it was?? Kenny my teacher from the hanging plant holder class!!
Perfect!! All measured and precut with the beads and instructions. I love it!
I am so excited to make my next plant holder. I am planning on teaching my own class with my Crafty Ladies club!
This morning I made blueberry-lemon pancakes *from scratch*






 So yummy!!
Then we had our Skype date with Evelyn & Dion. So much fun!!

They taught us to say “Coca por el culo” but I am certain I’m saying that totally wrong. Adios Amigos!!

PS I need to get back into regular posting, these once a week posts are getting to be very time consuming!

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