Anthology Magazine: I’m late to the party

Like the hosts are already in their PJs cleaning up late! I have, of course heard it from the blog-vine that there was an incredible new shelter magazine called Anthology

My new girl crush, Jordan from Oh Happy Day is featured in Issue #3 *I want it NOW!!*

I even considered ordering the premiere issue because 1. I am an extreme magazine hoarder  2. It featured all my favorite bloggers / designers and looked really rad. However, I was jaded by the loss of Domino, then Cookie and most recently Readymade, I was feeling pessimistic about mags. I cannot wrap my head around how such impactful mags were forced to fold yet crappy ones are still published. I get that the economy sucks and print is rumored to be a dying medium *with evil Apple’s help* but it seemed to me that so many of us were still supporting them. It now seems I have to sadly add a newcomer Fresh Home to the chopping block and they were barely in their sophomore year. 

This really blows. I really enjoy the experience of thumbing through a magazine on a weekend afternoon. I can honestly say it began in the waiting room at my pediatrician’s office as a child. I would eagerly rush through Highlights magazine and I begged my Mom to get my first subscription then. Once upon a time I used to have close to 8 subscriptions per month coming to our old apartment but 2 reasons forced me to not renew them. The first was I hated going to the grocery store or Target and seeing an issue in the stands that I would have to impatiently wait to arrive. It gave a new meaning to snail mail, you know? When it did finally arrive, it would have been tattered and torn by the disgruntled mailperson who had to shove it in our tiny apartment mailbox *and I had the occasional stolen issue as well*. I am seriously anal about my mags. My Mom always comes over to my house and reads them but she folds the pages back and it ruins the cover, lame! So it was worth the cover price to get my mags early and in proper condition. Maybe I’m the reason so many mags have gone under, they need those subscribers to stay afloat. Well, this has me seriously deliberating subscribing to Anthology. I’m not happy with the quarterly *4 issues a year* frequency. I’d prefer at least 6 issues a year. The $38 bucks a year isn’t making me giddy either but I acknowledge it’s my contribution to save something worthy. 

Le sigh, I really want to find the first 3 issues as well *I found Issue #4 here for $14…Boo* I can’t believe I missed it at Anthropologie. Let me know if anyone has seen Issues #1, 2 & 3 for sale online, since Anthology clearly does not sell back issues, MEGA LAME!!

Nighty Nights!  
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