Atwater Village Halloween on the Boolevard

Two years in a row, we missed this event. We almost missed it again this year since Antz was working, but we got there at 6pm. It was dark so of course our Nikon was blurry. Antz is right, ever since I dropped it, that guy has not worked right so I need to take it to Nikon and get it a doctors appointment. I picked up my Mum-in-law and our nephew Justin *who was too cool to dress up* and we trick or treated on the Boolevard.

I finished my wings on Thursday night *hooray for procrastination* and I was pretty disappointed in myself. I used Liv’s fabric leftovers from her wings and I didn’t have enough yardage. I also did some weird aligning and they turned out pretty wonky. I’m going to buy more fabric and make a new pair that look better.

 As you can see it’s a tad too short *again, needed more fabric* and I could stand to spray some wrinkle releaser on it since the fabric had been in my storage bag for 4 months. I am not happy with the palette either, it needs some yellow and raspberry layers. Sucks

She finally took a nap, after resisting all day, as soon as we arrived.

Sweets for the Soul is an AH-mazing brownie place that is often closed when we take a walk in AV. They are the creators of the famous Obama Brownie.

 The balloon pirate made Liv a bunny, she had been making balloons for 3 hours straight!

 I was trying to prove to Antz that the camera does work at night with the proper settings and some lightening. He is still not convinced. I think it looks better than our iphone cameras.

 Atwater Village Farms was open and they were showing the Nightmare Before Christmas. Here my camera had a seizure and all the indoor shots came out like this, boo!

Remember these guys? They died a week ago, they turned black from the mouth, pretty sure it was throat cancer, lame!

 I love these photos of Liv and my Mom, she wanted to see her in her costume. 

 Ching & Liv Chickie

We replaced the knobs on the desk and the kitchen pantry door *since Antz borrowed mine for his cabinet storage unit* The knob we had on the desk had a sharp edge on it which was treacherous to Liv’s curious fingers so we had to get something safer.

 Taking off the old knob left a bit of residue, blech! You what else is awesome? Leashes and no dog! Why haven’t we taken that down?? It’s not like our cat Lola will ever let us walk her.

 Now I really think we should paint the door in chalkboard paint since the white needs retouching and it’s not close to the stove or water. I think it would look rad and I could do something like this

 Cuteness, right? Have a great Halloween weekend! 
We have 2 parties tonight and tomorrow a Lisa Loeb concert!!

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