Black Friday Mayhem

I try my best to not get wrapped up with the crazies who camp out in Walmart’s parking lot a week before just to get a shitty non-brand name flat screen tv or the one Wii/Xbox/Playstation for $1. However, Anthropologie seems to be making getting up early worth my while.

Dotty Little Frock

Love Letter Dress

Love Letter Bloomers
Malted Tweed Cardigan

Patterns Please Sweatercoat

Tussie-Mussie Skirt

Velvet Snowflakes Boots

I’ll be happy to get the sweatercoat, skirt, cardigan and the boots which are all 50% off. I’m getting everything in 5/6 so she can wear them to nursery school next year. I’m still waivering from going to the store or shopping online at 3am *since the sale begins on East Coast time* I also want to go to Best Buy which will be complete insanity and West Elm *need this lamp to go on sale*. Whew!! Shopping is wearing me out. OMG… Did I actually say that?         

Happy Turkey Day Y’all!!


So I woke up at 3am *which is 6am East Coast time* and I refreshed my Anthropologie cart totally expecting everything to be sold out. To my delight only 2 items were sold out and I did better than I expected. I got 6 pieces for less than the regular price of 1!!

The Love Letter bloomers and the Dotty Little Frock were sold out completely but I’m hoping we can swing by Anthro some time this weekend and I may still find the Dotty Frock. The Love dress and bloomers were online only. SUPER HAPPY HAPPY!!!

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