First Thanksgiving dinner down, 2 to go!

Every year my Mom has an early Thanksgiving dinner at her house a week before the chaos of the holidays. This year the menu was seafood. Oh boy!!

King crab and crawfish!! Lemons courtesy of our backyard

I was in charge of desserts. My Mom requested a fruit tart

I finally made these red velvet brownies. I thought I took a photo of them but I guess I forgot but they were deee-lish. It was so cold in Apple Valley, it almost snowed. We went to Target since we wanted new frames for this amazing photo of Liv

photo by Grammy

I checked out the mini Harajuku for Target kids line and I was not impressed at all. The clothes look cheap and the style is totally Hot Topic. I also wasn’t pleased that most of the stuff was for older kids, nothing in Liv’s size. Not very innovative, Gwen. Her son dresses really cute though, he’s the best dressed celeb kid for sure.

Kingston *super cutie*

Soooo, Thursday I went shopping with *super skinny* Aimee

 Our little Zsa Zsa!!

 Get comfy Liv. This bedding was heavenly

and look what followed us home!!

Dutch Wax Ottoman

I didn’t necessarily plan to buy this lovely ottoman/stool but it was marked down from $198 to $99! I have been wanting a nice chair to put in the bedroom but nothing fits in this incredibly tiny space. Just perfect for putting on our shoes and I’ll finally have somewhere to sit when I put on my makeup!! I also bought this pretty frame from Paper Source because that store rocks my socks and I need something for new artwork.

Antz thinks it too Indian-ish looking

I found the Pavo bedding but the shams were sold out. *sads* I called a bunch of Anthros and found one standard sham and one euro sham. I picked them up today and they ordered a set of standard shams to be shipped to our house. *yay* Then I saw this guy…

Josef Wingback Chair, Blue Zigzag

One day you shall be mine!!
Again, this lamp is tempting me

One Lump or Two Lamp Base
Liv’s newest addition to her Yo Gabba Gabba! menagerie

Yep, that’s her pink Blackberry

So I am happy with my purchases for the bedroom yet we are still trying to find the perfect rug and I’m waiting for Black Friday to finish shopping. Antz is still searching for the perfect side table but I have a feeling we may end up getting this guy from Urban

Lola Side Table

I am apprehensive about it since it has a 8 – 10 week shipping schedule and it didn’t get the highest reviews. I am in love with the color and it meets our measurements.

I totally forgot to post these photos from Nic’s bowling birthday party. I haven’t bowled for a few years so I started off pretty sucky but the food was yum and I had a blast hanging with my peeps. We are a wild bunch.

NERDS! *red eye much?*

I can’t believe it myself but I threw the ball backwards between my legs and I totally got a strike!!


I hope I can get everything remaining on my list on sale. I’m also buying Liv’s Christmas presents on Cyber Monday *mostly from Amazon* and maybe I’ll get my long-awaited Mac Air.

I need to get to work. I sold my very first pair of wings and I want to make another set for Liv *since she’s outgrown her old ones*

Can I please ask Santa to bring me these amazing Dude/Chick vases??

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