Things that are AWESOME

Scruffin Rock dance class!!!

Always the center of attention

Today was Liv’s first class. She saw a lot of kids from her World Citizen Class. It went well except Liv has been going through a possessive phase and she tried to yank instruments from the other kids while telling them very firmly “MINE!”. Oy, I have no idea how to put the kebosh on that but me no likey. Antz thinks the more she attends the class the better behaved she’ll become. She’s pretty much the wild child of the class. I need her to mellow out cause in March she starts ballet *I’m so freaking stoked!!!* It’s funny how quickly she has readjusted back into her weekly dance routine. She has been napping for the past 2 hours!

Tonight we are attending the engagement dinner for my friends Jessica & Trevor.

This is surreal for me because they have been together for like 10 billion years and now they are  getting married seems weird cause I think of them as an old married couple. I’ve been hearing of different locations for their venue; Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara so I am looking forward to another mini vacay.  Knowing them it will be an incredible location in a nature setting. I’m going to have to step up my wedding gift game! I adore weddings!!

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