It’s time

for me to invest in a crock pot!

Would I be nuts to get a HK crock?
Looks so yummy
The only mac & cheese I’ve ever made came from a box and took me less than 10 minutes. What do I expect from cheese powder?
Who would have thunk meat & potatoes could look so tantalizing?

I am not at all a fan of cooking *I do enjoy baking with my lovely Kitchenaid mixer* but I am rarely successful at preparing a meal that doesn’t get a side eye from Antz. Let’s just say I make a mean bowl of cereal and that’s all I have in my repertoire. So when I’m up late pinteresting *verb* and I see all the yummy meals, I am green with envy. Some people have trouble with driving directions and others lack skills building Ikea furniture. My weakness is in the stove. I still have trouble boiling eggs. I do want to prepare delish meals for my family but I need a secret weapon. Aimee’s Mom convinced me to buy one on Christmas day. She said she bought her crockpot from a grocery store and BONUS it came with a mini pot for heating up chocolate and cheese!!! I am pretty much sold, cause nothing excites me more about cooking than shopping. Now I’m in the market to find the perfect c-pot.

Any suggestions?

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