The Wonderful World of Breastfeeding

Well, I kinda promised this post for Friday but I couldn’t get it done in time but such is life and here it is, better late than never, right? So I have some lovely friends and family who will be welcoming a little bebe this year so I wanted to give them my perspective of breastfeeding. *disclaimer: there will be no actual boobs featured in this post* Olivia and I have made it to the 21 month mark. Whoo-hoo!

Liv, seconds old and we’re already best friends

“I’d like to to accept this platinum booby award and thank my darling daughter for helping me make this experience pleasant and rewarding.”

Let me not sugar coat it, breastfeeding is difficult, at first. In the beginning it’s on par with a dentist visit and a pap smear all in one. Uncomfortable but necessary. The best way to start is to research before bebe comes along. You should weigh the pros and cons of how you choose to feed your child. If you know you will be returning to work soon after delivery, you need to find out if you can pump at work. You definitely should attend a breastfeeding class *most often offered by your hospital*
you can also check out :

The Pump Station in Hollywood or Santa Monica
There’s also La Leche League which I hear is a delightful source

Try not to be squeamish when you think about the latch process, it’s not as bad is you think. The most important thing to know is BE COMFORTABLE!! My postpartum nurse was so amazing because she showed me how to bf laying down since I was tired. I was mostly grossed out by that feeling like a cow scenario I had in my head. All in all, the second Olivia was born my doctor put her directly on my chest and we tried to get her to breastfeed immediately. There’s nothing like that first second bond. You become oblivious to the pain and you think I will die for this child, dramatic but true. She totally melted my heart *like Twilight imprinting* She didn’t latch right away but I tried a few minutes later and she did. Bring your bebe to you, not your boob to the bebe *this is where a Boppy comes to the rescue*. The first few days of bfing the baby isn’t getting much milk cause you have this clear fluid called colostrum. Another tip my nurse gave me is don’t worry that you might suffocate your bebe with your boobs. I was so worried she couldn’t breathe but if your bebe can’t breathe, she will turn her head, its  an instinct. It will panic you cause you will feel like you are starving your child but by day 3 you will wake up and notice Pamela Anderson has taken over your torso. The word is engorgement. It hurts, you leak but it’s the best time to try out your breast pump. Take a hot shower to help open your ducts. I pumped a measly 2 ounces the first time because I was afraid to pump. By that night, I was a pro, all you think is I must get this gallon of milk out of me! It was wonderful to have a few bottles ready for Antz to give Liv so I could get some rest during the night and early morning. I bought a Medula Harmony manual pump. It’s super easy to use and affordable.

Bfing Liv at home for the first time
Antz was an expert at bottle feeding
Most common occurrence from breastfeeding…it’s called The ITIS

Olivia latched like a pro. She made it very easy for me to fall in love with bfing. This is the most tricky part of breastfeeding, getting your bebe to latch but it will happen if you keep at it. I have breastfed Olivia everyday since she was born and it has been fantastic. I can’t give you any formula advice because I have never bought any. My kid has not been sick *other than a couple of runny noses* and she has only spit up once. I must have overfed her cause it was the only time she ever threw up.

Barf face

One thing I forgot to mention. I’m sure your ob/gyn has already told you to take prenatal vitamins. I found a great brand that is smaller than other pills and doesn’t upset your stomach.

Nature's Bounty Pre-Natal Multivitamin Tabs, 100 ct (Quantity of 3)

Nature’s Bounty *I buy mine in a 3 pack from Amazon* which of course I am still taking since I’m still breastfeeding.

Liv began to eat solids when our pediatrician *find a one you really love because this is going to be the person you trust your child’s health care to for the next 18 years, go with your gut* gave us the go-ahead at 6 months and she started drinking organic whole milk at 7 months. In the last 3 months Liv mostly bfs at night *it’s kind of my secret for getting her to sleep through the night* but she does occasionally wake in the middle of the night to nurse. My “loose” plan is to continue until she turns 2 or she chooses to stop.

This blog has been incredibly helpful to me and I love her bebewearing advocacy.

Marvelous Kiddo

Buy a good babywrap! Your bebe wants to feel wrapped tight, warm and snugly next you as much as possible *it reminds them of being cozy in the womb* It also gives you a hands free break so you can move around comfortable and freely. So Mommies & Daddies wear your baby as often as you can because before you know it, they will be off and running away from you!!

I adore nursing. It has been incredible *I’ll be sad when she stops* but I highly recommend it to any new Mommies *even if just the first few months* there are so many benefits to Mom and bebe. I am by no means an expert, I’m only sharing my own experience and insight.

Please ask me anything below. Best of luck!!

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