unHappy Anniversary

Yep, today is our HOUSE’s 6 year anniversary.

March 6, 2006, Two bright-eyed, youngsters *Antz has short hair then!*

Super excited to get our paint on. It took us 4 days to get rid of that horrendous red!

We had to cut this cabinet to fit our enormous fridge

The extent of our furniture

That awful, cheap vanity

You know how you are forced to *act like you give a shit* and sing Happy birthday to co-workers? That unenthusiastic, slow rendition of “Happy burrthday to youuuu” where you get shitty grocery store sheet cake and cheap juice. Well insert Anniversary and add a big fat NOT in front of happy and you got me rolling my eyes, and folding my arms. We have lived in this house for SIX years and the first email I get this morning is from Zillow informing me that our Zestimate has decreased from $352,000 to $311,200!! As much as Highland Park is getting all these new awesome business opening in the neighborhood, dozens of houses are being flipped like pancakes and HUNDREDS of Hipsters are riding our new bike lane on York, you would think I could see a little appreciation in my home.

The good news just kept pouring in, my darling Antz got a ticket *his first in like 8 years* on his way to work for driving through a stop sign and, you remember my lovely Anthropologie quilt?

Yay for this?

I know I only paid a measly $85 but this quilt that usually costs $298 so you would think the stitching would be better quality. Unless the dry cleaners used some unholy nuclear shit to it and ruined it *as I predicted* Antz Mom can probably talk me through repairing it. Sigh. All in all, today can suck it. Sheesh March, didn’t you get the memo? You are supposed to be my happy happy, rad birthday month!

Here’s a creepy video to hopefully give you a chuckle, I sure could use a laugh. The Cheeto Queen herself….Brit Brit!

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