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So it’s been an entire week since I perused my 5 fave shopping sites (Anthropologie, Gap, Nordstrom, ASOS & Mod Cloth) *because I have absolutely zero will power and I buy everything I see* so yesterday I proceeded with extreme caution when I took a quick peek while my girl was napping.

**Bri (DesignLoveFest) posted about the Anthropologie event!! *why can’t my photos come out this awesome?* How did I miss Joy & Emily Henderson? We were at the store for like 2 hours. Oh well, I signed up for the Oh Joy! event at Kate Spade in April so I’m see her there.

Tell me, how can you resist this skirt?

Field of Vision Skirt *Boo, it’s sold out online but I’ve seen it stores*

I love the vibrant colors and I have no maxi skirts….super practical!!

Speaking of maxi skirts…yes please!

Crinkle maxi skirt

I would wear this top with it.

Embroidered floral top

OMG, I almost died when I saw these! They will make me look 7 feet tall but…

I am dying over how amazing these are, but of course they only have 1 left in my size!
Angelic Houston Wedge

Ridiculously adorable!

I have mentioned the Bossi camera bag before but in black. I kinda NEED it in nude.

The Bossi Camera bag

I really must have it for our Paris trip, really!

Here are a few other items I find to be necessary for Paris. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun things to do in Helsinki? I will be with my friend Aura who will be our host but I’m not up on fun things to do there besides sauna and the beer trolley.

Like this adorable tote for souvenir shopping.

Thursday Friday Black Diamonds Tote

I think these would be comfy for all day walking and will go with everything.

Børn Ibis Oxford

Asos is killing it with this romper. I love how Puritan it looks. I would totally wear it with those wing wedges and these tights.

Playsuit with Collar

I am obsessed with playsuits!!!

This model is adorable! Floral Playsuit in 40s Print


OMG! I have been wanting a scarf from this etsy shop for over a year now.

Puffins Circle Scarf by Yokoo
This hat is too much for Disneyland Paris

I adore this model, so androgynous.

Liv’s sparkly blue Toms are starting to lose their sparkle, so I’m considering these as a replacement.

Toms Cruz Slip On

or these so we can be twinsies?

Toms Glitter Slip On

I am not giving up finding Liv an agent. It’s harder than I thought but we put together a new comp card. I love it!!

Contact Momager Elizabeth

I’m submitting her to a bunch of new agencies today. *Fingers crossed!!*

And lastly, I am normally not a fan of the oldies. They are slow, grouchy and can’t drive *I’m such a bitch!* but this memaw is all kinds of awesome. I usually don’t give a shit about sports but when it comes to gymnastics, I’ll all about it. Get it Granny!!

She wins at life!!

It’s quite sad I can’t do most of what she’s doing at 86. I am on the verge of my sore throat leaving me, still have that damn ringing in my ears. Note to self; wear ear plugs next time I go to a show!

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